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A Nobel Prize winner among iXblue, one of our CCI UAE member !

The french physicist Alain Aspect received last week the #NobelPrize 2022 in physics for his experiments with entangled photons.

Alain and his colleagues pioneered #quantum information science and led to the current "second quantum revolution" 

Did you know that Alain Aspect is also the President of the iXcore-iXblue Foundation for Research and Education?
For the past 10 years, the Foundation has been awarding prizes to researchers in the fields of physics and biotech, and Alain Aspect was the first laureate. The iXcore-iXblue Foundation also supports the French Optical Society (SFO) and finances the “Grand Prix Léon Brillouin”, a major prize of the SFO which rewards each year a remarkable scientific career. Finally, the Foundation has recently started to award thesis prizes.

Last but not least, Alain Aspect has been a key scientific advisor of Muquans, now an iXblue company (iXblue Quantum Sensors division).
Muquans is the first company in the world to commercialize quantum sensors based on laser cooled atoms, especially the Absolute Quantum Gravimeter which is the only quantum gravity sensor available on the market place. Read the last iXblue press release to know more about it > 


The CCI UAE congratulates Alain Aspect and is proud to count iXblue among its members !

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