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The Christmas Tree story and a few Care Tips!

Bringing a touch of greenery and a fresh pine scent to our “kasbahs” is Bloombox’s mission every Christmas.

But do you really know the story of the Kind of the Forest? Do you know how to preserve his greenness?


It all starts in Billund’s forest in Denmark, this is where our Nordmann grow for 6 to 8 years in the resinous pine forest of our dear Alma. Alma cultivates its conifers with love and with old-style spirit, which means respecting nature and without herbicides. You should also know that we plant trees sustainably: a cut tree = a replanted tree. At Bloombox we specially select our trees for their density and shape (only the very best come to Dubai). All of our tree come shipped a chilled container at 5 degrees until they reach their final destination at Jebel Ali. The crossing lasts 30 days at a controlled temperature.


Once in Dubai the trees pass through the hands of our experts and are individually checked. To make in short, nothing is left to chance: density, shape, needle retention, colour and size! It is now the time for the preparation phase, our experts revive each tree, put them in water, and water them daily to preserve their freshness.


The, the Bloomboxers send each adoptive family a personal video of their tree to ensure 100% satisfaction and zero surprises. This is followed by reconditioning, delivery and installation in your living rooms, carried out by our experts.


Once at home, to preserve the freshness of you tree, give it plenty to drink, your tree had a long journey and is very thirsty, up to several times a day for the first few days. We recommend the use of a tree stand with water tank/reserve (available on If you want to cuddle it, you can moisten its branches with a water mister. Avoid heat sources and exposure to the sun. By following these tips, your tree should stay fresh until D-Day. Note that even after drying and passing Christmas, the Nordmanns do not lose their needles, they keep their look until the last day of holidays!


Bloombox is pleased to offer a 20% discount to CCI UAE members on tree orders placed before November 15.

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Merry Christmas to all, a little bit in advance,  


Alex and the Bloombox Team,

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