Alexandre Azevedo da CruzSenior Project Manager - Egis

Following studies in Urban Planning, Alexandre Azevedo da Cruz obtained a PhD. in Transport Economics, working on the economic model for mobility services.

At the start of his career, Alexandre worked in Project Management. He started in new technology, and after 2 years moved to the construction of complex passenger railway infrastructure. He worked on a wide range of projects (Tramway, tram-train, conventional railway, high-speed railway) on different roles: design and works programme manager, project ownership and assistance to Owner.

These different experiences gave Alexander a wide range of technical skills in all rail disciplines. More recently, Alexandre worked as Project Manager for upstream and feasibility studies, where he could use his experience and skills in complex projects, and his experience on detailed designs for construction works. Alexandre has also leveraged his knowledge of mobility services to conduct studies and draw up proposals for MaaS (Mobility as a Service) solutions in India and Saudi Arabia.

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