Andrew YIACOUMIManaging Director - MCICM - CMS Credit management Services LLC

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Andy is driven by integrity and honesty, both personally and in business to create long-term relationships. He believes in creating a trustworthy business environment where everybody benefits by doing the right thing. This was the driving factor in him forming CMS.

With over 30 years of business experience in both Finance and Sales, he supports the business community with his unique insight through many channels such as business groups, industry associations, universities and media.

He has worked closely within the Credit industry over a period of 14 years supporting a large variety of industries including Hospitality, Travel, Construction, Express, Logistics, Freight, Energy, Telecom, Banking, Insurance, I.T. Distributors, Equipment Rental, Media, Public Relations and many more.

He has always stood by his principles of keeping things simple. He does that by cutting through the jargon and identifying what is important & relevant. His no-nonsense approach has won the respect of many in the region and also internationally.

A rare leader with real passion, enthusiasm, energy, innovation, yet humble & approachable.  

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