Angelique ERIKSENCEO - EGG Events

Angelique Eriksen, a Norwegian national with an Italian American education and upbringing is the founder and CEO of Egg. She is a driven multicultural humanist having been raised multi-lingually throughout 4 continents.

Her superior studies were done between the United States and Italy and she landed in France where she worked over a decade as a Project Director for large-scale events and multi-city show-tours (she also built and operated a restaurant in Atlanta on the side). She very naturally decided to go into business for herself and founded EGG (events) in 2000 in Paris.

Over the last 20 years she has overseen the careful development of the business (remaining 100% independent) into becoming a very international agency headquartered in France with operational offices in Geneva, New York, Dubai, Brussels and soon Atlanta and Florence. Her latest endeavour is the opening of Egg Sports, linking Egg’s extensive healthcare background to the dynamic world of sports. Through Egg’s organic growth, Angelique has always kept people, consideration of social impacts and human rights at the heart of everything she undertakes.

Angelique, and her 120 staff, prides itself in delighting clients, exceeding expectations with creative input and their “go-the-extra-mile” service whether for small-scale meetings or large conferences.

Egg being a client founded and led business, Angelique Eriksen continually examines how best to utilise Egg’s diverse and multicultural staff to add greater value to Egg’s numerous clients and activities.

She has worked hard to create a happy, healthy workplace that promotes trust and encourages diversity and equal opportunities for all.



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