Dina STOREYHead of Sustainability Operations - Expo 2020 Dubai

As Head of Sustainability Operations at Expo 2020 Dubai, Dina Storey leads the development and implementation of the World Expo’s sustainable event management strategy. Dina’s current focuses include sustainable development and integration of sustainability into both the built environment and operations. Her mandate is to ensure that the Expo meets and exceeds its sustainability commitments both locally and globally.

This includes planning for event and legacy, stakeholder and market engagement, and communications and awareness campaigns designed to extend Expo 2020’s sustainable impact beyond the boundaries of its physical site. Dina is a LEED-certified sustainability expert with more than 16 years of public and private sector experience. Her expertise enables her to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions that help Expo 2020 achieve its sustainability goals. Dina has a BSc in Chemical Engineering, an MBA in international Business, and a Masters in Sustainability Management from Columbia University NYC. She has worked for the United Nations, a number of global consulting firms as well as the City of NYC and the Earth Institute.

She has written a number of articles and spoken on a number of platforms with a focus on the intrinsic value of sustainability as a driver for economic development.

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