Faye Al HERSHTechnology Specialist, Strategy and Corporate Development - Masdar

Dr. Faye Al Hersh is the Technology Specialist in Strategy within Masdar’s Strategy and Corporate Development division under the office of the CEO. The strategy team supports the delivery of Masdar’s strategic and operational objectives by providing business, strategic and research tools to support corporate growth. As part of her many responsibilities, Dr. Al Hersh leads Masdar’s Technology Working Group initiative which brings together technology and market experts from across the different divisions in Masdar to discuss advanced technologies that can be implemented in existing or new projects. She is also co-leading the planning and development of Masdar’s green hydrogen strategy.

Prior to joining Masdar, Dr. Al Hersh completed a bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Energy Engineering. She then continued on to complete a master’s degree in Sustainable Energy Futures and a PhD in Photo-electrochemical Hydrogen Production at Imperial College London.

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