Adrienne DOOLANCEO and founder - Green Touches

Adrienne is the CEO and founder of Green Touches, a service provider for sustainable green cleaning, green hygiene & clean technology products and a food waste programme for both commercial and residential clients in the UAE.

Combining a genuine passion for the environment, promoting a sustainable way of living and working with integrity, her company Green Touches, founded in 2015, has brought an entirely new concept of ‘cleaning for Health & Wellness’, striving to be disruptors within this industry by ensuring a fair and just workplace for her employees, providing the best in clean
technology and working towards achieving a significant reduction is the companies carbon emissions from their operations.

High on her agenda, is having a voice to engage with businesses to create awareness in the region for much-needed changes in our business strategy to achieve a significant reduction in our carbon emissions for the region.

An advocate for the Sustainable Development Goals and a Board member of the United Nations Global Compact local network UAE gives Adrienne the tools to achieve sustainability within her organisation.

Adrienne is a visionary leader in the field of sustainability, renowned for her unwavering commitment to environmental sincerity and her innovative approach to sustainable solutions. With a profound dedication to preserving our planet for future generations, Adrienne has become a driving force in the global sustainability movement.


  • United Nations Board Member since 2019
  • Sustainability Trainer at Rochester Institute of Technology, Dubai, UAE
  • Moderator and speaker on panel discussions on climate change, IPPC Report, indoor air quality, food waste management programme, COP27 and Women in Sustainability
  • Supporting SMEs & Start-ups in sustainability.
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