CCI France UAE welcomed a delegation of 20 CEOS from French companies from the Metallic construction sector to explore the Emirates market

From 24th October to 28th October 2023, CCI France UAE welcomed a delegation of 20 CEOS from French companies from the Metallic construction sector to explore the Emirates market and identify possible synergies with major players in the Steel industry from the UAE.  
The delegation included Richard GUILLEMIN and Dominique DELPLANCQ from ATS, Thierry CROSNIER from BAUDIN CHATEAUNEUF, Vincent MONDY from B-CM,Suat ASLAN and  Dominique LAMPSON from BERTHOLD ,ROGER and Luce BRIAND from Briand,Geoffrey DENYS from CYAN, Benois CONNAN from CMC,Gérard Tureta from CMD,Philippe HOSTALERY and Nicolas POUVREAU from CTICM ,Khaled SABBAGH from EIFFAGE METAL, Yves TROY and Eric PATA from FICEP,Jean Marie BROUSSET from MAISONNEUVE ,Christine LENOUY CLATOT from SCMF,  Bruno BIANCO from SERIMETAL and Martine de Lang, Sophie Dufour et Maud Lagarde Martinot Key Account Managers from CCI France UAE. 

During their visit, the delegation was warmly received at prominent steel companies in the UAE, including ASSENT STEEL INDUSTRIES L.L.C in Dubai, Unger Steel Middle East General Contracting L.L.C in Sharjah, and Emirates Steel Arkan in Abu Dhabi. These visits entailed comprehensive company presentations and insightful site tours, allowing the French delegates to gain a deeper understanding of the operations, technologies, and best practices adopted by these key players in the UAE's steel industry. 

Additionally, the trip provided a valuable opportunity for the delegation to meet the Project Manager of the Dome of the Louvre at Saadiyat, Abu Dhabi, potentially exploring avenues for collaboration or exchange of expertise on this notable project.

We would like to express our special thanks to our Nick 0 Connell, Carmie Reyes and Rubelyn SM from Assent Steel Industries, Saeed Al Remeithi Obaid Al Alreefi, Hussain Lari, Rania Sekeik, Dimitrios Dimitrio, Leena Al Jaber and their team from Emirates Steel Arkan, and Mohanad Budair from Trouvay & Cauvin, Tom Pashley, Walter Glaser, Litty Aju and Marahoof Mulanthala from UngerSteel for their support in organizing and hosting the Syndicat Erancais des Constructions metalliques. which once again demonstrates the such visits are typically aimed at strengthening international relationships between France and the UAE, exploring potential collaborations, sharing expertise, and understanding the operations and practices of the host companies.


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