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Conference Invitation with M/HQ | New Foundation regimes: What practical use for investors and entrepreneurs?

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M/HQ is delighted to inform you that it will be hosting an event on the new UAE Foundation regimes and their practical use, at the Capital Club, DIFC on Thursday, 17 January 2019 from 8:30-10:00 AM.

Over  the  past  twelve  months,  both  Abu  Dhabi  Global  Market  (ADGM)  and  the  Dubai
International Financial Centre (DIFC) launched Foundation Regimes.

Foundation  regimes  provides  a  strategic  platform  for  financial  planning  and structuring, 
serving as an alternative to trusts and corporate vehicles.

The introduction of foundations is a real game changer for whoever holds directly shares or 
real estate in the UAE.

Don’t  miss  the  opportunity  to  attend  this  free  event  and  register  today.  Yann  Mrazek,
Managing Partner at M/HQ
will hold a comprehensive 45-minute session and answer all 
your questions.

By attending the workshop participants will learn:
•  What is a foundation, what are its key features and operating mechanisms
•  What are the differences and similarities between both UAE regimes?
•  How Entrepreneurs and Investors can use foundations in practice to benefit their 

Please note we do have limited space available. A light breakfast and beverages will 
be served.

Register your interest


Télécharger MHQ_Conference_17_Jan_2018_.pdf  (PDF • 533 Ko)

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