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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG): The evolving role of the CFO in 2024

Streamlining Sustainability: Unveiling the Harmony between the Finance Department and ESG Principles

As the global awareness of our collective impact intensifies, so does the significance of corporate ESG criteria, driving businesses commitment to environmental sustainability, social responsibility and robust governance practices. 

But what importance does the finance function hold in the ESG criteria? Does Accounts Payable automation have a role to play? 

In our 3rd annual State of Automation in Finance report, which surveyed more than 1500 financial and accounting decision-makers across the world, 71% of UAE finance decision makers believe the finance function should have a high impact on ESG initiatives. 

In partnership with IMA Middle-East, to delve into the topic and find out more about :

  • Understanding ESG: an introduction
  • Why businesses must embrace them now
  • Ease communication with various stakeholders and locations 
  • The expected role of the CFO in driving ESG
  • Concrete tips to start your ESG journey with Accounts Payable automation

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