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Sparkle Digital relieves pain points with digital transformation

The digital landscape has been evolving over the last decade and still is.

As an example, the UAE went from 5MM$ ecommerce sales in 2017 to an expected 27MM$ in 2022, which represents an average growth of 23% per year*.

Dubai has come a long way in a few years…

Pioneers remember, for example, that back in 2015 people could barely get their mail because only a few places in Dubai had a proper address. Having your favorite products delivered to your door was not an option.

A few years later, anything can be delivered within 30 mns. That is the magic of Dubai.

Still, many companies, regardless of their size and industry, are struggling with their digital presence. They have not reached the right level of maturity yet to take full advantage of the opportunities the digital world has to offer - beyond digital marketing campaigns and social media.

Huge gaps remain between B-to-B and B-to-C, and between private and public sectors.


A couple of examples demonstrate this situation:

  1. The B-to-B sector has not entirely entered the digital transformation era yet. As a matter of fact, marketing departments are the primary users of digital technologies. Digital transformation positively impacts (or should impact) all departments, through the optimization of processes and resources allocation to high-value productive activities.
  2. Unlike certain European countries, public initiatives in Dubai have been driving the growth of the digital industry overall. Whether we like it or not because we have no choice but to pay for parking, what RTA is doing with street parking payment from our phone for example, is the perfect example of how the city has been transforming digitally over the past few years.

Things are changing though. Due to COVID19 the pace has accelerated.

As an example, over 50% of all SMBs in the country are planning to engage in activities that will help them adapt and transform their businesses for a digital future.
Digital transformation is accessible to all through the proper action plan and roadmap.

Modern consumers care about the experience, not the size of your business, the digital maturity in your sector, or the “behind the scenes” pain points.

Sparkle Digital helps CEOs, Marketing Directors, and Business Owners develop a digital transformation plan that leads to the sustainability and growth of your business.

Our work can benefit your business by:
> Alignment of the digital strategy with the company vision and mission
> Recommendations and specification documents for IT teams, web agencies and developers for new websites and applications
> Implementation of digital solutions and connections between applications (E-commerce websites, PIM/DAM, CRM, ERP, etc.)
> Exploration of new digital marketing channels (SEA/SEM/content SEO)

Sparkle Digital has been founded in 2017 by Berengere Roux, highly skilled and dedicated professional, passionate about how companies can transform and grow with a better use of technology.



Phone: 052.279.4385



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