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Managing and Mitigating Risks Associated with Contracts


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During this event, Al Dahbashi Gray will advise you on the issues you should be aware of before signing any contracts in order to help you spot potential problems at the right time and prevent unnecessarily risks in the future.

Karim Salem, Senior Associate



will advise you on

  • Key issues to check in contracts before signing them;
  • How to manage risks when contracts are already signed but the other party is not paying the agreed upon fees;
  • The way the UAE courts calculate their fees in case you consider filing a lawsuit against the other party for breach of contract. The above information is invaluable, whether you are about to enter a contract or you have already entered a contract and the other party is not undertaking its obligations.
    This event is all about managing and mitigating business risks. 

Read the article Differences between Arbitration and Litigation – What you should know by Karim Salem and Laura Sperling | Al Dahbashi Gray Law Firm - Click here

Useful information:

  • 30 minutes individual meetings, at the French Business Council offices from 8.30am on the 27th of September 2018
  • Free for FBC Members
  • For more information about Al Dahbashi Gray, click here.
  • Once registered online, we will contact you to set a time for your individual meeting.

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