[Webinaire Gratuit] Covid 2019 - Navigating uncertainty - Strategic Finance and Tax Compass


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During this webinar, MENA LEGAL, Aurifer and Steering Advisory team up to offer a practical webinar on financial and tax issues or opportunities resulting out of the Covid-2019 situation.

In a first chapter, Steering Advisory will provide insights on business contingency planning while navigating uncertainty amid uncharted conditions.

In a second chapter, Aurifer will detail the tax measures taken by the different Emirate and Federal governments in the UAE and how these can be leveraged in challenging times. In addition, both will point out what cash flow measures can be taken to soften the impact of the current state of the economy. MENA LEGAL will moderate the two main chapters and offer a brief insight on insolvency procedures in the UAE.

Webinar gratuit - ouvert à tous 

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