Anne LARDOUXHead of Infrastructures & Environment - French Agency for ALULA Development

Anne Lardoux has more than 20 years of international experience in water management and circular economy.

Her experience, mainly acquired as advisor and in senior executive positions at SUEZ, relates to public-private partnerships (PPP) and large infrastructure projects across the globe, notably in countries affected by drought and water scarcity (Morocco, Jordan, Mexico, Chile and Australia).

The scope of her expertise includes business development, negotiations, investments, development of public policies and financing of major projects. She has interacted with a large diversity of public and private stakeholders, in support of national and local authorities, including local communities, utilities, engineering firms, EPC contractors, multi-lateral financial institutions, international banks, as well as investors.

Anne led transformation initiatives and drove operational business restructuring. She has also served on the board of several joint venture investment projects around the world since 2010 and has developed a vast network of relationships in the environmental sector.

She joined Afalula Agency in January 2021.

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