Christophe CHELLAPERMALArtist, photographer, and explorer

Christophe Chellapermal is an artist, photographer, and explorer residing in the United Arab Emirates since 1986. Having grown up in the region, his education in the UAE has profoundly influenced his life, bringing him closer to nature. His passion and connection with the ocean have evolved over the years, leading him to professionally engage in diving for the past 25 years.

He is the founder of two highly regarded dive centers under the name "Nomad Ocean Adventures" from 2004 to 2017, offering a unique experience to divers in the United Arab Emirates. During this period, he developed an in-depth knowledge of marine areas in Oman and the UAE coast, immersing himself in the local culture and customs.

Since 2017, his focus has shifted to underwater photography and marine conservation journalism. As the editor and chief writer of, a digital magazine, he shares captivating images in articles highlighting the beauty of the oceans.

Aware and a witness to ocean changes for over 30 years, Christophe meets numerous conservationists and immortalizes their efforts.

His photographs showcase the conservation initiatives of His Highness Sheikh Fahim Al Qasimi in the UAE, particularly his involvement with the "800 turtle" association. He also highlights similar actions in France, featuring Laurent Lombard from Operation Mer Propre and Anaelle Marot from the Azur project. His images have been published in prestigious media outlets such as The Times of London, Hadara, The Ethicalist, Singapore Airlines, and Virgin Airways.

Through his work, Christophe aims to raise awareness about the importance of preserving aquatic environments from common waste and shed light on new issues, such as pollution from new debris that have emerged in the sea due to the Covid pandemic. His dedication was recognized with an international photography award in 2020 in the Marine Conservation category at the Ocean Art Awards.

In addition to his achievements, he has contributed to various video productions, including a documentary on the Ganges River dolphin in Nepal. During this filming, he became aware of the impact of plastic pollution in the Indian Ocean, originating even from the Himalayas. Christophe Chellapermal proudly serves as an ambassador for Sea-People, an NGO based in Indonesia, dedicated to coral restoration, training, and financing sea gardeners to preserve and maintain reefs.

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