Olivier BRUSLE is the CEO of ACTIOM, a professional services firm active in Consulting, Finance and TradeTech

Olivier is a post-graduate in Engineering from CentraleSupelec-Paris and in Management from London Business School (full-time MBA).

Olivier has over 35 years of experience in industry & consulting and entrepreneurship, he has led over 180 projects for over 100 organisations across all sectors and 5 continents, authored over 50 articles and presented at over 30 conferences and webinars, notably “Digital Logistics webinar with CCIF” in May 2023 and “Closing the loop with circular economy logistics” at GPCA Supply Chain event in Dubai in May 2024

His latest venture TradinLoop, is an innovative commercial transaction orchestration platform which bridges the gaps in operations, payments and trade finance while contributing to sustainability.

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