Valérie MANOUVRIERArtist

Originally from Belgium, Valérie Manouvrier, also known by her artistic name Manou, has nurtured her passion for art from an early age, excelling in the fields of graphic and interior design before embarking on her journey as a professional artist.

Based in the United Arab Emirates for over a decade, Manou channels her expression through kilometres of ballpoint pen ink. While a pen’s original function is to write stories with words, Manou has reimagined this tool, using it to evoke emotions through kilometres of lines and vibrant pop-inspired colours, all characteristic of her unique and distinctive technique.

The journey began in 2014 when Manou visited the BIC® factory in South Africa, and ever since, she's been captivated by this instrument reinventing its purpose. Shortly thereafter, BIC® invited her to join their Art Foundation Committee in 2017.

Her mastery of this medium has gained recognition worldwide, drawing the attention of collectors from Seoul to the United States of America, France, and Dubai.

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