Burnout: Let's Talk About It

Thank you to the Belgian "Rehabilitation" team for their contributions on the subject: Nathalie VanDenBogaert, Jolien Hemelsoet, and Elvis Sausmikat.

Exhausted, drained, at the end of the line, weary, out of breath, constantly on edge, plagued by viruses, besieged by illnesses from all sides, a disrupted digestion, on the verge of divorce, estranged from loved ones, detached, numb to emotions and insensitive to others', jaw tightly clenched, already kneeling for a while to hold on at all costs, sleeping pills and stay-awake pills, tension and heart pounding at its peak... the warrior collapses suddenly, struck down in their never-ending fight. The violence of the collapse is the culmination of what has been a foreseen downfall for months or even years.


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