Come and share our vision ! Wellbeing 2.0 for a better place to work

DD wellbeing consulting, founded by two french entrepreneurial women, is an expert in wellbeing among organisations. The founders have 20 years professional and managerial experience in complex multinational companies (LVMH, BNPParibas).

Their mission is to support organisations in implementing wellbeing programs so companies can embrace, with agility and creativity, organisational transformations and reach their highest potential. ​DD wellbeing consulting founder’s partnership is an example of how to align personal development and professional performance, the new fundamentals of human resources management.

DD wellbeing consulting define Wellbeing 2.0 as a transition from the happiness at work to the know-how-to-be at work. Wellbeing 2.0 is based on two pillars, Gestalt therapy and Mindfulness.

Thanks to their experience in senior roles in multinational companies, they are also involved in the evolution of women's role in the professional environnement. Today, they are committed to support their fulfillment in the new paradigm of working women at ease with her differences and peaceful in her relationship to others.

Customers References 

  • UK : Editec
  • France : Ipharm, Orthogallery, Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, Centre Vitruve

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Delphine Attal - +44 781 786 6504 - contact(@)

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