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Concrete 3D print with color accents

Concrete 3D Print construction rises to all challenges of modern engineering in terms of efficiency and durability while requiring minimal maintenance. Architectural concrete 3D printed elements offer endless opportunities to develop and manipulate massing and form, with a huge palette of colors and interesting textures. The options for architectural expression are unlimited with the integration of LEDs, green facades, etc.


•Quality: Concreative high-performance concrete element is produced under a strict, factory-controlled conditions to ensure exceptional quality in shapes, colors, and textures, along with close tolerances.


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•Durability: 3D concrete printed elements have long-term durability and require little or no maintenance to preserve their original look. Concrete has a design life of over 60 years.


•Weather-proof: Because of the low porosity of the concrete, the 3D printed element is resistant to rain and wind-blown debris. Unlike materials that deteriorate quickly, it can withstand winters of freeze-thaw cycles.


•Color options: By adding coloring powder in Concreative mix before printing, it is easy to choose colors to match the design of the project with minimal maintenance, providing long-term savings. While aesthetically pleasing, the exterior surface is virtually airtight and watertight. By giving another color to the standard gray concrete we can completely change the appearance and bring an innovative touch to your interior design or landscaping projects. 


•Speed: 3D Print production and phased delivery accelerate the construction program, 3D having a significantly faster timeframe than conventional construction.


•Waste: 3D Printed concrete elements produce little or no waste as they arrive in a finished state. Reduction of waste at the manufacturing stage reduces the cost of the overall building.


In the longer run, the durability and low maintenance ensure further savings.


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