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Consolidate and protect your assets with UAE Foundations today ! Friends&Family rates extended to FBC Members

ADGM/DIFC Foundations have gained substantial momentum over the past 12 months. The 100 foundations milestone was reached in February. We project this overall number to triple annually going forward.

Compatible with all UAE asset classes (Real estate, shares, portfolios), foundations enable both Muslims and non-Muslims to consolidate and protect their assets against attacks as well as exclude these assets from probate. ​

There was never a better time to discuss the re-structuring/protection of your assets. M/HQ’s team is here to help.

How can we assist

In light of our long-standing relationship with the French Business Council, we will be happy to extend our Family and Friends rate to FBC Members for the registration of a foundation. We propose to discuss your specifics and needs as part of complimentary meeting / call (up to 1 hr). 

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