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Having been a partner to chefs since 1922, here at Valrhona we firmly believe that we have the power to co-create a sustainable model for our industry hand-in-hand with everyone who works in it. Every last one of us will benefit, from our producers to our colleagues, chefs to chocolate lovers, as we find the means to respect and protect the planet.

We imagine the best in the selection and cultivation of fine cocoa so that we can promote aromatic diversity. • We imagine the best of chocolate and the expanding of aromatic ranges thanks to our wide range of classic and pastry chocolates. • We imagine the best to promote gastronomy through our École and at our events. • By choosing Valrhona products, you contribute to creating a more sustainable cocoa sector, and become part of a community that’s passionate about chocolate.

Our sustainable approach

By choosing Valrhona chocolate, I am committing to creating a sustainable cocoa industry.

We are supporting cocoa producers by signing long-term partnerships and helping to lead projects that improve communities’ lives. Access to drinking water, education and healthcare are the elements that drive our work in the 18 countries where we source cocoa. Together, we are designing an innovative style of agriculture that protects aromatic cocoas and their environment. By using agroforestry techniques, we are imagining a future for cocoa growing in which cocoa trees develop alongside other plant species. We are taking steps to minimize the environmental footprint generated during each stage of the chocolate-making process. Our objective for 2025 is to reduce our carbon output by 50% by cutting down our greenhouse gas emissions and energy usage. We are passing on and honoring culinary skills for younger generations so that food professions enjoy a long future.


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