CORONAVIRUS | Consultation Paper & Best Practice Guidelines for your Business

by Mr. Romain Astruc, Partner - MENA Legal and Dr. Alexander Brexendorff, Managing Partner - MENA Legal

Under the leadership of the World Health Organization, all Governments, religious orders or social organizations attempt to slow down or even reverse the spread of the COVID-19 virus around the globe „through the implementation of robust containment and control activities[1], i.e. to legitimately impose to their citizens/residents/members restrictions of various rights and freedom, and/or to increase regulatory requirements. These “Contain and Control” measures affect systemically our lifestyle, consumption habits and eventually our established way of doing business, which require systemic adjustments and execution of best practices.

Potential pandemic spread of the virus, additional legal restrictions and systemic snowball effect are expected to affect further business and individuals.

This Consultation Paper intends to provide you some initial guidance on how to limit the implications of those restrictions to your business and personal lives.

[1] WHO Statement 07.03.2020



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