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Discover our programme: Duo Mentoring

The DUO Mentoring programme is an initiative of the French chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCIFI), in partnership with the (CCEF).

The DUO Mentoring programme is an initiative of the French chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCIFI), in partnership with the French Foreign Trade Advisors in the UAE (CCEF). It offers Entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs members of CCI FRANCE UAE, access to industry experts coming from multinational or SME enterprises to support them and help them in their development.

It is a complimentary programme, supported by Volunteer Mentors, experienced business leaders and senior managers who have volunteered to give their time and advice to SMEs and Entrepreneurs who have expressed a real need for it.

Familiar with their respective areas, this is an 8-month period of mentoring (from 1 December to 31 July), based on an individual and personal Mentor/Mentee relationship with a mutually commitment of at least one two-hour face-to-face meeting per month.

The commitment of the Mentors is made in a personal role (and not in the name of their company) and the success of the programme is based on 5 pillars: Trust, Respect, Confidentiality, Commitment and Communication.

For Non-Members wishing to participate in this program, please contact Julia Carré, for more information on joining CCI FRANCE UAE, click here

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