The multiple awards accounting firm Euro Accounting is setting up in Dubai.

Euro Accounting’s Expansion.

We are an award-winning accounting firm operating across Europe and beyond through strategic partnerships.

Our firm excels in the fields of accounting, social affairs, and tax expertise. With an outstanding track record, our clients include foreign subsidiaries, multinational corporations, and expatriates from around the world. After the UK, France, Ireland, and Switzerland, it is with great joy that we inform you about our expansion to Dubai, reaffirming our commitment to providing exceptional services on a global scale.  Our presence in Dubai marks a significant milestone in our growth, and we are thrilled to offer our expertise in such a dynamic region. We take pride in highlighting that our multilingual team, proficient in 12 languages, is at your disposal to facilitate communication and meet your specific needs. 

We have also set up a network of international accountants and lawyers and can assist our clients in most EU countries (Spain, Italy, Croatia, Luxembourg...) and beyond (Mauritius, US...).  As leaders in our field, we have received numerous awards and recognitions for our dedication to excellence. As the director, I have been honored with prestigious distinctions:


  • Entrepreneur of the Year 2023
  • Outstanding Entrepreneur 2023
  •  Business Person of the Year 2022 

Our company has also been recognized as: 

  • International Firm of the Year 2023
  • Most Trusted Account Advisory 2023 

We have won or been finalists 28 times in the last 3 years. 

This expansion in Dubai allows us to strengthen our global positioning and continue to provide outstanding services. We are ready to support you in various areas, including company formation, payroll management, accounting services, tax advice, and many other related services.

Our team is eager to provide personalized assistance to support your activities in this rapidly growing region.  We are also looking for business partners and would like to build connections with other companies in Dubai with ties to Europe. 


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