FEBUS Optics offers innovative solutions to reduce environmental risks, protect people and optimize production

FEBUS Optics is the world reference in Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing and supplies systems for all DFOS technologies: Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS), Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS), and Distributed Strain Sensing (DSS).

FEBUS Optics provides cutting-edge products and turnkey solutions, based on its patented technologies, to reduce the environmental impact of human activity, protect people and optimize production. Backed by its expertise, its highly skilled and experienced team, and its dedicated Testing Center, FEBUS combines excellence and reliability to meet the most complex challenges across various application fields.

Headquartered in France, with regional offices in the United Arab Emirates, in the United States, and in Tunisia, FEBUS Optics offers customized equipment and a wide range of worldwide on-site services.

FEBUS has created solutions tailored to each application and based on its state-of-the-art devices, and its proprietary software with dedicated algorithms for: pipeline monitoring, cable monitoring, well monitoring, intrusion detection.

Pipeline monitoring

End to end solution using interrogators (DAS, DTS & DSS) & FOPipe Suite (proprietary software), FEBUS Optics offers complete solution for detection and localization of events (leaks, intrusions, ground movements in water, wastewater, and oil & gas pipelines). Using our machine learning algorithms, FOPipe enables the identification and the advanced classification of the events.


Cable monitoring

Our smart cable monitoring enables to monitor the correct functioning of buried or submerged umbilical and power cables, anticipate their failures & provide a timely alert to the detected problems like temperature events (hot spots, abnormal trends), electrical events (partial discharges, electrical defaults), mechanical events (free spans zones, cable movements).FOGrid Suite, our proprietary software is part of the integrated solution.


Well monitoring

Our well monitoring solution combines high performance DAS and DTS to meet all the challenges of well Integrity like production and flow monitoring, and leaks detection in the casing and tubing. Our solution FOWell includes our proprietary software, FOWell Suite, that allows data visualization of the campaign.


Intrusion detection

FOGuard, FEBUS’ intrusion detection solution, offers real-time and continuous perimeter security or border monitoring, automatic alerting with precise localization of the event. Our solution is easy to integrate to any VMS or third-party supervision system.


Seismic acquisition

Our FEBUS A1 presents state-of-the-art performance to achieve seismic acquisition onshore and offshore. It is the most sensitive and flexible DAS on the market. It provides real-time multiple gauge lengths, 2 simultaneous channels, up to 100 km per channel, as short as 1 m gauge length, enabling to address different scopes with a single acquisition.

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