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Free Webinar | "Keys to handling the reopening of shops"

We at Altavant DMCC would like to support retailers facing the unprecedented challenge posed by the COVID-19 crisis, by collaborating with the sector so we can surmount it as best we can.

With this in mind, we have organized a free webinar we will give on

Tuesday June 30 at 09:00 CET:

"Keys to handling the reopening of shops"

in which we will explain the best practices of retail leaders for tacking this crisis.

Our Consultancy team will cover topics such as:

effective actions directed at protecting your cash-flow 

strategies for handling overstocks

sales strategies

Joining forces and sharing knowledge is one of the best ways of getting over this crisis and we are confident the members of your association will find the information in this webinar very useful, so would like to invite you to publicize it.

Register here

We are confident that, working together and deploying innovation and creativity, our sector will weather this situation and come out stronger in the medium term.

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