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Green Rider expands its distribution network to the Middle East

With the launch of the first distribution center in the Middle East and the opening of the first showroom for the sale and repair of electric scooters

With the launch of the first distribution center in the Middle East and the opening of the first showroom for the sale and repair of electric scooters in Dubai


United Arab Emirates- November 2021 – Seeking to keep pace with the boom in the two-wheeled electric vehicle market, and expand its international network to the Middle East, Green Riders, a subsidiary of PATCOM Group, opened its first showroom in Dubai.


Thus, and from its privileged location in the heart of Dubai, this showroom will offer the sale of electric scooters to individuals and commercial organizations, while providing a repair service for many brands in less than 48 hours. The company has appointed a specialized team that includes sales representatives and specialized technicians in order to provide these services.


In addition, Green Riders has appointed Mr. Ismail Belgana as a Director for the Middle East, as he has more than 10 years of experience in the field of business development, which will contribute to the development of Green Riders business activities and the expansion and diversification of its partnerships to include the United Arab Emirates and other countries in the East middle.


It is noteworthy that this expansion in the Middle East comes in the wake of the announcement in April of a capital increase by BNP Paribas Développement, which will enable Green Riders to accelerate its growth, especially with the plans to open several other showrooms in 2021. It is a new

step for the startup in implementing its electric mobility strategy, especially as it has an exclusive distribution contract for the DualTron brand (in Africa and the Middle East.


Commenting on the matter, Green Riders founder Sena Adjovi said: “The Company is growing and developing, and we are very pleased to open our first showroom in Dubai and expand our network of partners in the Middle East. These new locations will allow us to get as close as possible to customers looking for easy business solutions. In the face of the challenges the world faces today to improve energy and develop urban mobility, Green Riders plays a real role in providing environmentally friendly solutions, allowing Dubai citizens , residents and tourists to reduce their environmental footprint in the emirate that is on the path of environmental commitment seriously. For support, Business France Dubai has the support of the French Business Council in establishing and developing our project in the United Arab Emirates.”


In this context, the company will hold an opening ceremony on Saturday, November 13, 2021, from 7 to 9 pm, to unveil its models and accessories from the "Carbonrevo" brand. The event will include a competition for guests to win an electric scooter.


About Green Riders

Green Riders, the startup was founded in 2018 in Paris and has 40 employees. Specialized in the sale and rental of electric scooters, and aftermarket repair services to customers, the company provides individuals and communities with environmentally friendly solutions for their daily commute. To be closer to its customers, Green Riders has established partnerships with the brands "Casino", "Xiaomi" and others...

In order to meet the needs of city dwellers and reduce their environmental footprint, Green Riders has designed charging stations and locks for electric scooters that are manufactured in France as an alternative to street bikes, which do not always have a sufficient battery. The latter is expected to be launched in the UAE in the coming months. The company has obtained a patent for this first innovation of its kind.

Finally, the company created the Green Riders Academy, which has set itself the goal of training new talent each year to repair two-wheeled electric vehicles: bicycles, electric bikes and motorcycles.


The  showroom is located at Porsaeed Plaza, 191 Abu Bakar Al Siddique Road, Deira, Dubai





Middle East and Africa Director

Green Riders Middle East


050 535 6389

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