Invest in your people. They are your greatest assets.

Marvingt is about inspiration, pleasure in working together and passion to innovate.

We support managers, teams and organisations in their change and transformation projects, so we can shape their future together

Consider Marvingt as your expert HR (and by HR we mean Happiness Revolution) service for SMB.
We are specialized in employee experience, what people encounter and observe over the course of their tenure at an organisation. 

We believe employee experience and its relationship with engagement and performance is critical to understand and prioritize.

So what is your organisation ready to do to create an optimal employee experience? Let’s find out together with Marvingt.

Customers References 

  • In France: Puma, PWC, Bagelstein, Arte, Unilever, Colombia, Asics, Carita

Contact Marvingt

Alexandra Conti - 00971 56 440 4324 - ac(@)

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