Ouvry expands in the Middle East: Create a local offer

Lyon-based company OUVRY, a CBRN protection systems expert, expands to the UAE, collaborating with defense and interior ministries. Focused on sustainability, OUVRY aims to establish local production, reduce environmental impact and the region's safety.

A Lyon-based industrial SME created in 2003, OUVRY specializes in the creation, engineering, production and maintenance of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) personal body and respiratory protection systems, and decontamination. The company follows NATO standards (FAUV9) and regularly participates in European Union programs.

It thus offers innovative products intended for all intervention operators in more than 45 countries: soldiers or policemen, firefighters or rescue operators, first responders in the armed forces, public or civil security forces, health, industry, infrastructure and public transport sites.


For one year, Ouvry is established in the center of the Middle East, in the United Arab Emirates, with a permanent office in Abu Dhabi. The company works with differents end-users like Ministry of Defense of Abu Dhabi and Ministry of Interior with Dubai department. Ouvry is also seeking to diversify into industry and health sectors.

Ouvry's main objective in the UAE, is to create a production structure with a local supply chain. This will enable the company to increase its presence in the Middle East and create local activities based on the Ouvry know-how. At the same time, it will as limiting transport flows, and reduce the impact on the environment. OUVRY is already ISO 140001 certified and is always committed to breaking away from the throwaway culture, with most of its equipment being reusable and eco-designed, in accordance with the standards.

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