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RECAPP, the UAE’s first free-of-charge door-to-door recycling service developed by Veolia

Another entity looking to make a difference is a free, recyclable, waste collection app called RECAPP by Veolia.

RECAPP empowers each individual in their recycling process by offering an easy and efficient way to schedule pick-ups for plastic bottles and aluminum cans. After segregating recyclables from general waste at home, residents can simply download the Go RECAPP application from the App Store or Google Play, and schedule a pick-up time at their convenience. RECAPP will then collect the recyclables from the user’s doorstep and recycle them, completely free of charge. Each time a user recycles, points are accumulated based on the weight of the collected recyclables, and the user can redeem the points with RECAPP’s reward partners. RECAPP today it’s 27,000 users of the app between Dubai and Abu Dhabi and a total collection of 280 tonnes of recyclables since its launch in November 2020.

Along with a local partner, the group is recycling plastic PET bottles into fabric fibre, used to fill pillows. The app also uses an incentive reward system to help encourage the community to recycle more.

RECAPP has recently renew its collaboration with Coca-Cola Middle East with the common goal to close the loop on various packaging waste materials through an innovative recyclable collection scheme that enables segregation at source and diversion away from landfills. To mark the renewed partnership, recycling bins have also been deployed at the Coca-Cola Middle East offices in Dubai to encourage the recycling reflex at the workplace. Plastic and aluminum waste collection is a new step for RECAPP that aims to collect more recyclable waste generated into business areas and Coca-Cola Middle East is the first company to pave the way in this area.

RECAPP is now launching a new service for businesses such as office collections for plastic, cans and paper, retail collections to help restaurants and retailers in their recycling journey and create a local circular economy, and a school program to spread awareness to the young generations.

Commenting on the partnership, Jérôme Viricel, General Manager of RECAPP at Veolia Middle East, said “We are really proud to receive the support of Coca-Cola to encourage the recycling reflex all over Abu Dhabi and Dubai’s communities.

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