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SWITCH MADE signs an exclusive partnership with LiFi wireless communication pioneer ZERO1

Imagine a world where internet can pass through the light... Each LED light becomes a receiver and transmitter of information : That's LiFi for you!          

Without the need of any extra dongle, we use your phone's camera and the technology of mobile devices for detection of the LiFi signal and the receptor of information.          

Your SWITCH MADE LiFi LED luminaires combined with the SWITCHMADE - ZERO1 System (mobile app and Cloud management platform) will allow you the access to multiples associated services!
Supposing that you are in the retail business; you will be able to tailor the application according to your specific needs in terms of market analysis /customer intelligence or even in the way you want to reach out to your clients.
The SWITCH MADE LiFi luminaires in B-to-B or in B-to-B-to-C solutions are available in the UAE for multiple applications: Retail/Malls, Museums, Hotels, Hospitals, Smartbuilding, Worksphere etc. That's what we are proposing you with this new partnership!     

After years of technical discussions and product testing, we are now all set to conquer a vaste market that has been waiting for the technology to rise.

Let us remind you the key advantages of LiFi; first of all, the system is way faster ! Then, LiFi does not require any special infrastructure or antenna installation, which makes the installation process very easy. The connection is totally secure in a physical area because the light does not cross the wall. Finally and to only name a few, it is also much more efficient in terms of cost and energy consumptionbecause it uses existing LED lights for communication.             

ZERO1 wireless communication know-how & systems combined with SWITCH MADE expertise, ideal compatibility and notoriety on the Middle East lighting and construction market make the perfect match!              

" We are very proud to take this step forward in our industry. As a manufacturer, you always have to be ahead of your technology and anticipate its next moves. LiFi has always been a topic of great interest for our team; we indeed started testing our products in our French head office several years ago when the technology was just emerging. For a few years now, we have been working hard in diversifying our offer and expand it with extra added value; this new partnership proves it. On top of that, it’s a great honor to promote French Tech and be associated with one of our European fellows! "

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Visit Switch Made website

Visit Switch Made website

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