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The challenge of disposing of your old electronics

Discover a solution that unlocks value and is environmentally sustainable.

Every business strives to act in the most sustainable way - thus it is obliged to consider the environmental impact of its activities. Ageing electronic equipment poses a particularly thorny problem. Keeping such electronics takes up storage space, but disposing of them is complicated. These items are potentially far more harmful to the environment than many other types of waste. In fact, in most territories, the law requires special and expensive procedures to be followed for disposing of electronics.


There is a better way. Your old electronic stock still has value! There is now the option to trade your used and open box electronic equipment: it extends the life and value of these items, while keeping them from polluting the environment. In recognition of this far more sustainable solution to a common business challenge, Tradeling has partnered with Cartlow, a company that specialises in buying and reselling used electronics.


Easily sell, exchange or trade-in your old stock and contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly life cycle for your equipment.


It makes business and environmental sense; it reduces electronic waste and environmental harm. This forms part of the complete ecosystem Tradeling is building to simplify the lives of sellers and buyers and help them to make positive environmental changes.


Get new inventory and free up storage space with buy-back and trade-in options. Get compensation for the current value of your preowned, open-box and clearance electronic items. It’s an environmentally friendly solution that meets your social responsibility requirements, without the costs associated with outright disposal. Learn more at:

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