UAe-Foil - Fly above water!

Experience a unique aquatic feeling with UAE FOIL, your eFoil specialist in UAE. Immerse yourself in innovation and fly over Arabic Sea clear waters, powered by innovative navigation technology such as foiling. We focus exclusively on eFoil, guaranteeing unrivaled expertise and support in every session, for every levels.

Choose between our board with handlebars, perfect for beginners and our 100% handless model for pure standing ride ! 🏄‍♂️  Our new VOYAGER board with mast and handlebars is the top product for neophytes to start foiling and get very quickly pure flying feeling!

Rentals are flexible and can be booked individually or per group from a minimum of 40 minutes up to couple of hours, 5h or 10h packages, home or yacht delivery, while our one-hour lessons are led by 1to1 expert instructors. It's also a very original activity for corporate events! 

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