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Business Delegation to VivaTech in France

Date limite d'inscription : samedi 20 avril 2024 - 12h00 (UTC+4)

Tarif : Members: AED 10,800 (VAT incl.)
Non-Members: AED 12,900 (VAT incl.)

Cancellation policy available on www.ccifranceuae.com/en/faq.html


La date limite d'inscription est passée.

We are thrilled to offer a unique opportunity to join our delegation to VIVATECH 2024.

As a key player in the dynamic landscape of business, technology, and innovation in the United Arab Emirates, we are thrilled to offer a unique opportunity to you and your organization to join our Delegation to VIVATECH 2024.

VIVATECH, the world's premier tech conference, is the epicenter of innovation, bringing together pioneers, disruptors, and visionaries from around the globe. This year promises to be even more exceptional, with groundbreaking technologies, influential speakers, and unparalleled networking opportunities.

CCI France UAE aims to support and promote the entire digital and innovative ecosystem of the UAE, its know-how, and its skills, under a common banner, to collectively develop business opportunities and contribute to the attractiveness of the UAE. We believe that your participation in the delegation to VIVATECH 2024 will not only elevate your organization's profile but also contribute to the broader goal of fostering innovation and collaboration on a global scale.

Why Join the Delegation?

  1. Global Exposure: Showcase your organization on an international stage, connect with like-minded professionals, and gain insights into the latest trends shaping the future.
  2. Networking Opportunities: Engage with prominent businesses, accelerators, investors, and entities from around the world. Build strategic partnerships that can drive innovation and growth.
  3. Access to Investors: Explore funding opportunities and pitch your ideas to a diverse group of potential investors. VIVATECH provides a platform for securing the resources needed to take your projects to the next level.
  4. Knowledge Exchange: Attend discussions, panels, and workshops that delve into cutting-edge technologies, trends, and best practices. Stay ahead of the curve and position your organization as a leader in the field.
  5. Cultural Exchange: Immerse yourself in the unique blend of cultures at VIVATECH. Strengthen relationships, exchange ideas, and foster collaboration with professionals from various backgrounds.

What to expect?

  • Vivatech made-to-measure Explorer Tour including meetings with partners ranging from multinationals to SMEs, to public entities (depending on the delegation brief)
  • B2B Meetings
  • Sectoral Clusters meetings & tour
  • Meeting with investments main public entities
  • Optional: French MNC headquarter / incubator / accelerator visit The program will be finalized depending on the delegation profiles, interests, and needs, following the submission of a questionnaire.

View the tentative program

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