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We don't realize how much toxins we are exposed to until we get sick. Learn how to reduce your exposure to endocrine disrupters & DETOX your body.

Optimal detoxification is crucial for everyday health & wellbeing!

By enhancing this natural process, we can see tremendous improvements in digestive, hormonal, skin, mental health as well as more stable mood and energy level.

Join us for a series of captivating conferences hosted by Asmaa Lahlou, certified naturopathic chef and co-founder of MyAuthentikSpoon, an innovative platform dedicated to natural wellbeing through naturopathic programs.

At these events, you will the fundamentals of effective detoxification, including how to make better food choices and how to reduce your exposure to endocrine disruptors in your daily life.

Here are some of the improvements you could expect when implementing our DETOX recommendations: 

• More energy 

• Wake up rested after sleep

• Healthier skin

• Better digestion

• Stronger resistance to infections

• Reduced intolerances

• Reduced headaches & migraines

• More balanced hormones (PMS or Menopause symptoms)

• Less cravings

• Clear thinking

• More stable mood


5 dates available | Choose the session that suits you and register now! 

Please note, places in Dubai and Abu-Dhabi are limited.

  • February 6 from 10-11am at IN5 TECH (in English) - A panel in collaboration with The Botanist, Myfarm Dubai, and Saantè Selfcare. An exclusive opportunity to meet their CEOs and Founders and hear their unique perspectives and expertise on the topic of DETOX. Book quickly, spots are limited.
  • February 11 from 6-7pm online (in French)
  • February 13 from 10-11am at the Alliance Française Dubai (in French) - By attending this conference, you are also contributing to the funding of the LFIGP Prom 2024 evening. A small financial contribution of AED 35 will be requested upon registration.
  • February 14 from 10-11am at Sanderson's café Abu-Dhabi (in English) - This event is in collaboration with Mama Tribe UAE. Spots are limited.
  • February 18 from 6-7pm online (in English)


Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn and interact with us.

The meeting link and logistical details will be shared via WhatsApp upon registration.


To register (in French)

To register (in English)

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