Diversity and Inclusion, essential components of FedEx corporate culture

FedEx strongly believes that the ability of a team member to be successful goes beyond gender, nationality, or race. With a focus on the individual, FedEx has been able to develop a workplace in which every team member has an equal opportunity to thrive, enabling women to flourish within a professional organizational environment conducive to the advancement of all team members.

In October 2017, FedEx Express was awarded the ‘Most Woman-Friendly Employer (Multi-national Company)’ at the 19th Global Women in Leadership Economic Forum Awards ceremony that took place in Dubai. The award was presented by H.E. Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, UAE Minister of Economy, and recognized the FedEx commitment to encouraging workplace diversity, retaining and promoting women.

The company’s diverse workforce, supplier base, and supporting culture enable FedEx to better serve customers and compete in the global marketplace. Amongst the women in leadership positions at FedEx is Glenda Garcia. Currently Operations Manager in FedEx Express Abu Dhabi, Glenda began her career as a Customer Service Agent with the FedEx Express Service Provider in the Philippines, and moved through the ranks. Today, she manages a team of 16 colleagues, and is responsible for handling ground operations across the entire Abu Dhabi and Western Region of the UAE. “Globally, FedEx provides women with every opportunity they need to succeed and grow in their career,” said Glenda. “The road to management has not been easy, but I had a fantastic manager and mentor who provided me with coaching, soft skills training, and empowered me to take decisions that would enable my progress. Being a woman in a traditionally male dominated industry has never been a challenge at FedEx – my gender was never seen as a limitation to being able to do my job, and I have been able to successfully balance career and life to have plenty of quality time with my family.”

FedEx follows a People-Service-Profit (P-S-P) philosophy, which is based on the belief that a positive working environment will encourage team members to provide better quality service to customers, which in turn will lead to an outstanding customer experience. The company’s workplace values and ethics have led it to be ranked as a Great Place to Work in the UAE for seven consecutive years.


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