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Enabling Entrepreneurial Leadership

We have the pleasure of inviting you to attend the workshop titled: “ENABLING ENTREPRENEURIAL LEADERSHIP” on Tuesday 05 July 2022.

The training is held by UN Women and NAMA Women Advancement aiming at empowering women entrepreneurs.


Registration is required:


In this 90-min session we will look at:


  • What is a thinking strategy, and why is it essential to understand your own thinking strategies. 
  • Five Key areas of tension where entrepreneurs need to lead on the edge 
    • Managing your approach to thinking about problems 
    • Managing strategic and operational decision-making with partners and team members 
    • Managing your relationships with your business partners and employees 
    • Managing your external environment and stakeholders 
    • Managing yourself when you are dealing with adversity threatening the existence of your business 
  • You will walk away from this session: 
    • Uncovering your default thinking strategies in each area 
    • Learning from strategies followed by renowned women leaders 
    • Identifying areas for change where you need to expand or shift your thinking strategies 
    • Deciding on action steps to start the transition towards more balance 


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