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Gulf Cryo: COVID-19 crisis-Criticality of Medical and Industrial gases supply

As uncertainty continues to be a major theme as the days pass with no concrete answers as to when the World will return to some semblance of normality,  it has become increasingly critical to respond to the threats presented by COVID-19 and uphold Health and Safety measures as the most important part of any business operation.

As the largest and oldest manufacturer of industrial and medical gases in the Region, Gulf Cryo Group has naturally been on the frontline of efforts to fight the outbreak and spread of the virus, acting responsibly and supplying all required medical gases; including oxygen for treating patients with severe respiratory infections, food grade gases for food and beverage, and all other required gases for process industries.

In the absence of a vaccine or known treatment plan for COVID-19, medical oxygen remains a vital therapy for infected patients. The worldwide demand for medical oxygen has drastically increased. Medical gases are used across all areas of the healthcare value chain, and any exposure to any trace of the virus could have severe repercussions. Because of the dangers presented by these facts, Gulf Cryo has put in place several extreme measures to ensure safe production, handling and delivery of gases. All our cylinders and delivery vehicles undergo deep sanitization and decontamination procedures using the appropriate chemical disinfectants before and between each delivery to mitigate any chances of cross-contamination and further widespread of the virus. In addition, our drivers are trained and equipped with adequate protective wear for proper handling of products.

The principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are heavily called upon during such a crisis. Gulf Cryo has demonstrated an exceptional execution of its commitment to societies to fight further escalation of this global pandemic. Emergency Response Policy (ERP), hotlines, client training programs, and plans to convert assets for medical oxygen service were immediately put in place. As the fight continues against COVID-19, Gulf Cryo has offered and delivered support in various ways all over the Middle East. In Dubai, Gulf Cryo-UAE has installed an emergency Medical Oxygen supply unit to support the 3,000 bed field hospital at the World Trade Centre, established as an additional quarantine facility for COVID-19 patients by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).  In Kuwait, we’ve partnered with public and private hospitals, as well as community centers to establish protocols for setting up quarantine facilities. Gulf Cryo is also conducting special training programs for volunteers for safe handling of cylinders. Gulf Cryo Jordan, in line with the Gulf Cryo’s initiative, was the first entity from within the Group to donate funds and supplies to support the Ministry of Health and the Jordanian Civil Defense to mitigate adverse impacts of the novel Coronavirus. In Saudi Arabia, medical oxygen filling stations have been set up in Riyadh and Dammam and hospitals have been informed about our readiness to support their medical oxygen needs; with enough stock and supplies to accommodate emergencies.

Though the implications of Covid-19 are yet to be determined and the uncertainty of the situation prevails, Gulf Cryo’s Chairman and the Board assure their unwavering support and commitment to the community.


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