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The eco-friendly app that rewards users for not littering. |

ZeLoop is determined to achieve a litter-free world, empowering businesses and institutions across the globe through directing consumers toward litter collection points. Launched in July 2020 by Smartblock Beverages FZ LLC, ZeLoop is an eco-friendly app that rewards users for not littering. The first global reward platform of its kind, it engages ordinary people in the circular economy and incentivises pro-environmental behaviours with a focus on plastic bottle collection. All collection points are managed by third-parties and sourced by ZeLoop users, and the platform has now mapped out more than 4,500 deposit points across 52 countries. By driving the flow of litter toward these stations, ZeLoop hopes to drastically reduce the build-up of unnecessary plastic waste.

The ZeLoop app objective is to increase interaction between consumers and stakeholders of the plastic bottle circular economy, such as municipalities, retailers, recycling companies, and brand owners. The company’s in-house blockchain reward engine is the foundation that the application is built upon, enabling a broader platform where other reward-based eco-friendly apps can be connected to create a suite of solutions for sustainability and environmental protection. ZeLoops allows rewards to be achieved simply, as users need only follow a straightforward process. This involves gathering used plastic bottles and uploading a photo to the app of it being dropped off a deposit point. Users receive Eco-Reward tokens which can be redeemed against good and services, or exchanged for Bitcoin or U.S. dollars.

The judging panel was particularly impressed by the app’s design and interface. Aimed at consumers, ZeLoop has an extremely userfriendly interface with a playful theme, ensuring that tracking down a deposit point is easy, and driving engagement by creating fun competition between its users. Through recycling more regularly, users will climb the leader board in-app and are encouraged to surpass their own and others achievements, winning virtual medals and eco-rewards. These features also enable brand owners and companies to engage their own employees and customers, forming part of their customer service relations strategy by providing measurable and tangible actions.

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