La Chambre

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Join the largest French business community in the United Arab Emirates.

Designed directly from members’ inputs, our tiered Membership offers 4 levels of corporate membership which are suited to your company’s needs and budget.

  • Business Essentials is the entry level providing all the essential services of the French Business Council Dubai & Northern Emirates for companies looking to develop their business opportunities in the French-Emirati community while controlling their expenses
  • Business Advantages is geared towards businesses that want to gain greater visibility and develop their business opportunities to take their company to the next level of growth
  • Trustee membership is designed for companies willing to maintain high profile in the French-Emirati business community while enjoying an increased range of valuable benefits and privileges
  • Benefactor membership is the ultimate level for established companies willing to make an impact and show true support and commitment to the French Business Council Dubai & Northern Emirates. This membership guarantees the maximum level of exposure and tailor-made solutions

We encourage you to contact us and discuss what membership level is best for you and your business.

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