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Restaurant of the Year – Fouquet’s Abu Dhabi

Located within the shadow of Louvre Abu Dhabi’s ornate domed roof, this restaurant deals in its own abstract form if art.

It was for this creative excellence, we awarded it our Newcomer of the Year award in 2021. Since that moment, it has only grown in reputation and regard. Fouquet’s represents the very top-tier of fine dining in Abu Dhabi, with a masterful menu — celebrating the very best of traditional French cuisine, alongside subtle perfumed whispers of regional influence. It goes beyond the food though, the Fouquet’s experience draws theatre from its setting, from the broad brushstrokes of its design and decor, and from a paint pallette of faultless service and holistic intent. It is an experience that qualifies as a work of art in the purest sense. And it is for that reason, we congratulate our Restaurant of the Year: Fouquet’s Abu Dhabi.

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