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Tradeling reaches 1 million unique products on the platform in 14 categories

Tradeling, announced that they have surpassed one million unique products on their platform.

Dubai, UAE – 27 June 2022: Tradeling, the Middle East and North Africa’s dominant e-marketplace focused on business-to-business (B2B) transactions, today announced that they have surpassed one million unique products on their platform. The platform now has the largest selection in MENA on a business-to-business platform and is transforming the way B2B trade is done in the region.

This milestone will help businesses have a variety of options with great opportunities to save and make generous margins for their business growth. As Tradeling partners with small and medium enterprises, and assists them with everything from their logistics and warehousing needs to easy payment options and credit terms, operational assistance, these organizations can grow and expand their businesses to operate in the MENA region without having to undergo operational costs.

The 14 categories that Tradeling has include consumer electronics, office and stationery, fashion and accessories, home, garden and furniture, beauty and fragrances, construction and hardware,  health and personal care, toys, sports and fitness, automotive, food and beverage, baby centre, pet and animal care, and machinery and equipment. The top-performing categories are consumer electronics and food and beverage and a wide range of products that have allowed the company to reach one million unique products.

Marius Ciavola, Chief Executive Officer at Tradeling, “We are so proud and honored that so many sellers and manufacturers believe in our purpose and that now our platform has over one million unique products in a short span of two years since our launch. We continue to strive to make our platform the leading platform for business-to-business transactions in the region and are proud to be a part of small and medium enterprises’ growth. We do everything with the belief the future of trade is digital and hope to continue and expand in the near future.”

Tradeling is set to be the online destination for any business buying, therefore increasing selection exponentially remains key and it aims to reach 2 million SKUs by Q1 2023.

About Tradeling:

Tradeling is building the dominant business-to-business ecosystem in MENA, with its eMarketplace and other platforms such as edukaan, Tradeling Pro and Tradeling Commodities, catering to all types of business customers. Led by a team of experienced technology startup builders, with strong financial backing through Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA), Tradeling is on a mission to become the main search and sourcing tool for business buyers across the region.

Tradeling ensures a reliable and smooth trade process in addition to providing logistics and financing solutions. Connecting global suppliers with MENA-based demand, Tradeling leverages advanced technology to optimise the supply chain and creates economic value in addition to mitigating risks. Enabling buyers to find the right products and materials as well as engage with new suppliers and Middle Eastern buyers, Tradeling helps in negotiating prices and delivering end-to-end services for business-to-business trade engagement.

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