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Clyde and Co. Overview of the key developments for the KSA nationalisation programme

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Since the launch of the Nitiqat programme in August 2011, the KSA nationalisation programme has developed from an emphasis on quotas based on headcounts, to include regional Saudisation, sector Saudisation, and Saudisation of professions. The embedding of Saudisation within regulatory frameworks both on a municipal level and for certain professions is an indication of the greater precision with which nationalisation is being approached.

In this article, we have summarised the key changes to the KSA nationalisation programme and how it affects you and your company depending on your profession, sector or location.

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From the second half of April 2021, the minimum salary for KSA nationals will be SAR 4,000 in order for them to be credited as one point in assessing the employer's compliance with Nitaqat . There are various rules regarding how a Saudi national employee working less than full time hours will be counted towards Saudisation and Nitqat and these depend on whether the employee is an hourly paid worker, part time or being paid between SAR 4,000 and SAR 3,000. 

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