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DTOS is a proudly independent Management Company founded in 1993. We capitalise on our strategic location in Mauritius and take pride in our heritage.

The African region holds ne secrets for us and whether you are a corporation or an individual, our specialists provide tailor-made solutions to ensure you are always prepared for the journey ahead.

No matter how small the task is, we always put clients’ first, we safeguard their assets and help them navigate each regulatory landscape while striving to exceed expectations.

Nurtured in the highest ethical standards, our people thrive to protect and manage your business with exemplary professionalism.


The opening of our offices in the UAE has broadened the possibilities for our clients and interested investors to operate through a complementary jurisdiction and offered them the opportunity to choose within additional vehicles, and to maximize their advantages for cross-border investments, especially into Africa.


Should you be interested in more information on the complementarity of Mauritius and the UAE as International Financial Centres to structure corporate of individual structures, read our documents and press articles:

-DTOS UAE, an alternative gateway to invest in Africa

-Corporate structures offered by Mauritius and the UAE

-Products available for individuals in Mauritius and the UAE

-Setting up a Fund in Mauritius and the UAE

-How Mauritius’ International Financial Centre compares with the Dubai IFC?


And for any additional information, not hesitate to contact us: contact(@)


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DTOS, for the journey ahead

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