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EI-Technologies MENA Moves Forward in the Region with Recent Deals Signed in 4 major industries and elaborates on its “Working from Home” successful strategy

United Arab Emirates – June 28, 2021: EI-Technologies MENA by, a leading CRM partner providing technology consulting services and multi-cloud implementation in the Middle East and North Africa, has recently bagged new business deals after signing contracts in four industries, abetted by momentum in its digital, cloud, and platform segments, to push their digital transformation strategies forward.

Thanks to its European standards of deliverables, easy access to top management, proximity to its clients and competitive pricing, EI-Technologies MENA expanded its portfolio of renowned clients in the region notably in Real estate brokerage, Insurance, Manufacturing and Facility management in the UAE, KSA, Jordan, Beirut and Oman.

Under those new contracts, EI-Technologies MENA will provide its new clients with high-end CRM solutions and cloud consulting services from Salesforce Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Interactive studio, Service Cloud, Digital engagement, social studio, Community cloud, eCommerce cloud.

EI Technologies Mena focused on 2 digital pillars:

  1.  Digital Employee by simplifying sales and operations processes, increasing employee efficiency/productivity, increasing lead generation, increasing revenues.
  2. Digital Client by providing an optimized Customer Experience, Customer engagement and friendly omnichannel access.

To support these new projects, EI-Technologies MENA has seen an increase in its staff in the UAE, and recently opened a second office in Dubai. Moving forward with its plans of expansion, the CRM specialist firmly solidifies its positioning and belief in the market as a digital tech player in the industry.

While providing regional entities with tailor-made customer-centric and product-centric solutions, EI-Technologies MENA aims to accelerate the digitization of business processes and the adoption of a successful customer strategy to drive growth and gain a strong competitive edge in the market.

Along with its vast expertise, EI-Technologies MENA adopts a highly human-centric approach that reflects its business philosophy in putting human values at the core of digital services.

In addition, Jamil Nakhle Regional general manager in charge of delivery center discusses the success behind the working from home strategy:

“I believe that the strategy we adopted at EI-Technologies MENA can be summed up in two words: Trust and Agility.

Trust is what keeps our employees going. It has been built over the years between our employees and management. Agility, on the other hand, allowed us to stay on track. We had to be flexible to adapt all our processes and come up with new ways to keep our clients satisfied”.

Apart from its business deals, EI-Technologies MENA participated in a series of business events in the UAE and the greater region to highlight its unmatched digital services and bring its French technology expertise to the region. In this matter, and part of its partnership with French Business council and British Business council, EI Technologies MENA sponsored the “Working together” event that took place on 15th of June, as part of its belief that networking is a key strategic initiative for any business success.

 “With the evolving nature of business competition and customer new purchasing behaviours, customer and product centricity is becoming a more effective approach in driving business growth. We, hence, aim to raise the awareness of our clients pn leveraging the Digital Client and the Digital Employee to upgrade their businesses to a next level” said Christian Bejjani, Regional General Manager, EI-Technologies Middle East and North Africa.

“Therefore, understanding our clients and their business goals is our priority. Our trusted partner Salesforce shares with us the same philosophy. As figures speak louder than words, 84% of buyers are more likely to buy from a company that demonstrates an understanding of their business goals.” stated Maria Raad, CEO.

EI-Technologies MENA, by NEO-DIS.COM, is the leading Salesforce partner in the Middle East with 100+ dedicated Salesforce consultants located in Lebanon and UAE, providing CRM Implementation and Cloud Consulting services with various technologies in the Middle East and Gulf region covering Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Qatar, UAE, KSA, Oman, Yemen, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Iraq.

For more information, please visit EI-Technologies MENA

For all press related matters, please contact:

Mr Christian BEJJANI

Regional General Manager - EI-Technologies MENA
Email: christian.bejjani(@)         

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