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The Future of Programming

UAE-based IT firm, Tahaluf, is investing in the next generation of computer programming

UAE-based IT firm, Tahaluf, is investing in the next generation of computer programming and empowering organizations through its specialized platform, Maestro.

In the last 20 years, computer programming has evolved from a secondary skill into an essential capability that touches almost all areas of life and business. Looking ahead, the future will entail even more IT-based applications, with the next 20 years bringing computer programming to the top of industry agendas. However, the full software development life cycle is lengthy, time-consuming, and sometimes difficult to manage. It requires special skills, time, and resources to produce real, successful, and operating applications.

To support organizations on their digital journeys, UAE-based IT company, Tahaluf, has invested in next-generation computer programming. The result is Maestro: a low-code/no-code platform specialized in streamlining the process of application development to make it simpler, easier, and more cost-effective. To deliver outstanding results, Tahaluf supports Maestro with more than 100 engineers dedicated to the creation of product roadmaps and product development.

The key aims of Maestro are to allow non-programmers to create applications and reduce the time and cost of programming by up to 90%. The cloud version of Maestro, in particular, is easy to use, enabling users to start building their applications after only two hours of simple online training.

With Maestro, companies can engage more businesspeople to act as citizen developers to build business applications instead of hiring big IT programming teams. What’s more, the platform can run on any database engine in the market, including Oracle, MSSQL, MySql, Postgres, and more. This means it can really optimize the cost of operations for any business.

Maestro contains multiple components: Maestro Flow, Maestro CMS, Maestro Business Rule Engine, Maestro IOT, Maestro BI, and Maestro Form Builder. With Maestro Flow and Maestro Rule Engine, business users can maintain and fully manage all business and business processes with no or minimal programming interferences. These two Maestro components are dedicated to solving problems to help with automation through simple and straightforward steps. Meanwhile, using Maestro Form Builder, users can create, manage, and maintain the forms related to their business and package them into applications before making them available as web portals or mobile applications.

With Maestro, Tahaluf looks forward to changing the world of application development, making it smoother, easier, and more accessible. Already, the platform is used by many governmental entities and businesses, and it is gaining significant traction across the GCC.

Maestro is a great tool that empowers novice developers to build and manage their own applications. Adding to the benefits, Maestro helps deliver capabilities and features with improved security and sensitive rule engines, which can be maintained by business users, reducing the need to rely on technical teams.

For organizations of all shapes and sizes, Maestro is an invaluable tool for digital success. What’s more, with its powerful toolsets, development techniques, and ease of use, Maestro’s creators believe it is on course to become a world leader in its field.

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