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Culture Emulsion is thrilled to introduce its rebranding and corporate services!

Culture Emulsion is thrilled to introduce to FBC’s members its rebranding and corporate services!

Culture Emulsion is thrilled to introduce its rebranding and corporate services!

After 8 wonderful seasons, each year richer than the one before, we are taking a step back to have a better look at our growth and our expertise in order to push our business further.

Culture Emulsion is the sum of its 3 interacting parts: Theatre Academy, Training and Development, Culture & Edutainment.


Theatre Academy :

The first and biggest French-speaking theatre school in the middle east.

We teach all ages and levels from children 6 years of age all the way through to adults. We also produce an eclectic array of professional French-speaking theatre plays, for audiences of all ages in various cultural venues in Dubai and in schools.

Training & Development

We are the only provider that integrates form and style with in-house skills and services.

Using our team’s in-depth knowledge of coaching, drama, improvisation, and 20+ years of corporate experience, Culture Emulsion designed unique tools to improve all soft skills:

  • Storytelling and public speaking
  • Sales and performance
  • Customer experience
  • Store experience (e.g. mystery shopping, role plays)
  • Change and conflict management
  • Creativity and brainstorming
  • Media training
  • Master of Ceremony
  • Presentation skills

We offer professional workshops, training and coaching sessions for businesses, individuals, students, and schools.

Thanks to our inside team and our partners, we can offer tailor-made teambuilding concepts using :

  • Improv & acting
  • Creativity workshops such as photo, video, music, sand art, fashion, treasure hunt, graffiti… you name it !

Culture & Edutainment

The perfect blend between culture, education, and leisure for engaging projects

Our regional experience merged with our European background, enables us to contribute towards key developments in UAE and KSA. Blending cultural and educational objectives and content, we support our clients to design, produce and operate unique and tailor-made activities, events and exhibitions driven by creativity, visitor experience and storytelling. From working for the pioneers of the industry; Universcience in, we pushed our limits even further to expand in the fields of arts, working together with our highly skilled teams for large-scale projects in KSA.

Let’s add a slot to meet us into your schedule; let’s play, share emotions, and create unforgettable memories.

Get in touch with us to find out more.

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