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L’Oréal Middle East Hosts its 1st inaugural L’Oréal for the Future Summit

L’Oréal Middle East held its first inaugural L’Oréal For The Future Summit, concurrent to the ongoing discussions by leaders, policy-makers and activists gathered at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Egypt to address global environmental challenges.

The Groupe launched ‘L’Oréal for the Future’ in 2020, the second phase of its sustainability program with a set of ambitions achievable by 2030, to be a catalyst for change in the beauty sector by leading the way in fighting climate change, measuring water sustainability, respecting biodiversity and preserving natural resources. The Groupe has already reached several milestones in that mission, such as 100 of its industrial sites, including 25 factories, achieving carbon neutrality in 2021, and 67 percent of the PET plastic in its products being from recycled sources last year.

L’Oréal Groupe is also committed to achieving 100 percent carbon neutrality on all its sites by 2025 and recycling or reusing 100 percent of its industrial water and waste generated onsite by 2030.

By 2030, the Groupe will also move to 100 percent recycled or biobased plastics in its product packaging and reach the target of 100 percent refillable, reusable, recyclable or compostable plastic packaging.

The Groupe is also harnessing biotechnology through its Green Sciences program to create innovative, safe and effective products for consumers that do not harm the planet. By 2030, 95 percent of the ingredients in its formula will be biobased and derived from abundant minerals or circular processes. By the same year, the company will have moved to 100 percent biobased ingredients and packaging material that will be traceable and come from sustainable sources.

Laurent Duffier, L’Oréal Middle East Managing Director, said: “While pivotal climate talks continue at COP27, as a world leader in the beauty industry, L’Oréal Groupe understands the crucial role we play in addressing global challenges. Actions speak louder than words and we began ours with a radical reinvention of our business and activities long ago with the mission to not only reduce our carbon footprint but set an example and create the path of sustainability for the sector. L’Oréal Groupe is heavily investing in research and biotechnology to create innovative products that do not harm the environment, while educating our partners and customers to make responsible choices. We have already achieved many of the sustainability milestones that are part of the ‘L’Oréal for the Future’ program and are confident that we will meet all our targets by 2030.”

L’Oréal Groupe has also been at the forefront of climate change action and responsible beauty in the Middle East with initiatives that positively impact the community, consumers and employees.

L’Oréal works closely with partner salons to help them reduce their environmental impact by installing water saving innovations, such as the Gjosa showerhead that can save up to 65 percent water, and encourages them to use recycled and recyclable material in their interiors.

L’Oréal Groupe has also been long committed to empowering women. In the region, we have launched several programs which includes delivering high-quality, free vocational training to help underprivileged women gain employment under the ‘Beauty For A Better Life’ initiative and the L’Oréal Paris Stand Up Against Street Harassment program to create a space that supports women to empower and encourage each other as well as take charge in fighting for their place in this world. We also encourage women to embrace scientific careers with the “L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science” program that recognizes exceptional scientists each year and grant them with endowments to purse their research. In 9 years, we have awarded 40 winners from the GCC. Moreover, we have partnered with two prominent NGOs in the region - Dubai Foundation For Women and Children and Sham

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